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Linda Fogg Phillips interviewed about her new book Facebook for Parents

Our children ARE talking… but are we listening ?

  • Do you have fear, uncertainty or doubt about what your child is doing online?
  • Would you like to have a better understanding of your child’s world?
  • Is your child unknowingly jeopardizing his future with his activity on Facebook?
  • What about bullying…is that a concern for you or your child?

Author & Speaker

Linda Fogg Phillips is the mother of eight children ages 12 to 27. She knows the challenges of raising children who are immersed with technology. Linda is the world-wide recognized expert on Facebook and families. She is the author of two books about Facebook and parents. Linda has co-authored The Facebook Guide for Educators and is currently writing the curriculum addressing social media and families for the International Online Psychology Institute. Linda is a sought after speaker for teens and adults. She empowers parents with the ability to better understand, communicate and protect with their children. Teenagers love Linda because she speaks their language and relates to them. As a result, she is able to teach teenagers vital life skills that they will use to protect themselves and preserve their future.

Rave Reviews

“We received particularly positive feedback about Linda’s talk on Facebook for Parents and many of the parents indicated it was the highlight of their day. As witnessed by the crowd she had for hours after her talk, it was clear that her topic was relevant and much needed! “
-Ruth Stergiou, CEO, Invent Your Future Enterprises Dare 2B Digital Conference

“I came across your book. One word comes to mind after I read it…..PHENOMENAL! This is exactly what I was looking for.”
-Elizabeth Hand Middle School English Teacher S. Beliot, Illionis